4 Tips for Better Balance

Aug4th 2018

No matter your age, poor balance can lead to some pretty scary falls and major injury. But, as is true with everything in life, a little practice can lead to great improvement. Even something simple as balance can get better with regular exercise and attention to the body over time. Here are 5 basic exercises that can help you improve your balance today:

Eye Tracking: While sitting or standing, move your thumb from one side of your body to the other. Try to follow the movement of your thumb only with your eyes. This can help the body learn to combat side effects like dizziness that can lead to a bad fall.

Single Limb Stance: Alternate between standing on only your left or right foot for at least 10 seconds. Feel free to use the support of a chair. This movement helps your brain better lock into your center of gravity and therefore improves your overall balance.

Clock Reach: This exercise is as straightforward as its name – your arms work as the horizontal hands of a clock. While standing on one foot (again feel free to use a chair for support), alternate between pointing your arms to 12-o’clock (in front of you), 3-o’clock (to your side), and 6-o’clock (behind you). When you’re done on one side, make sure to complete the same moves on the other. This will help your body with static or “standing” balance.

Body Circles: Let out your inner child for a moment, and allow your body to sway around in a circle while your feet remain stationary. This exercise helps with ankle strength, which is often a major factor in victims of poor balance.

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