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Dec21st 2020

Pain At The Desk

Working at my desk causes pain. What can I do? It’s tax season and we are all probably spending even more hours working on our computers and desks trying to get things done. Add that to hours of looking at screens on our phones and tablets and we spend a lot of time in poor

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Dec23rd 2018

Finding The Perfect Desk Chair

Sitting may now have been proven to be worse for your body than most junk foods. Just as walking helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, a sedentary work life has recently been linked to a drastic increase in these chronic illnesses for office workers. But before you go out and buy the combo standing

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Oct23rd 2018

Walking: The Cure-All Exercise

“A 30-minute walk a day keeps the doctor away.” Maybe that’s not quite the phrase you grew up hearing, but at this point it should be old news that walking is one if the easiest and best benefits to your health. It can lead to lower weight, lower stress, lower blood pressure, and it can

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