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Mar20th 2021

Is Persistent Back Pain Bothering You? Check with a PT to See if it’s a Herniated Disc

Do You Know if Your Back Pain is From a Herniated Disc? Do you seem to have trouble performing even simple everyday activities due to severe back or neck pain? Do you have strange neurological symptoms in your arms or legs that you simply cannot account for? Has your spine never quite worked as it

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Mar10th 2021

Consult with a Physical Therapist to Find Relief for Your Hip and Knee Pains

Looking for Relief? Physical Therapy Has You Covered Does nagging hip and knee pain keep you from completing everyday tasks with ease? If you’ve been living with chronic aches and pains in these areas, you may benefit from regular physical therapy treatment. A skilled physical therapist can help to improve your daily quality of life

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Dec23rd 2018

Finding The Perfect Desk Chair

Sitting may now have been proven to be worse for your body than most junk foods. Just as walking helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, a sedentary work life has recently been linked to a drastic increase in these chronic illnesses for office workers. But before you go out and buy the combo standing

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