How To Avoid Daily Shoulder Pain

Oct23rd 2018

It may be the complexity of the entire shoulder system that allows us to do so much with our arms, but it is also for this reason that shoulder pain and injury is very common. Small repetitive movements (like the ones you do throughout a workday) and awkward postures (often from lifting heavy objects) can lead to muscle and tendon strain – and ultimately pain throughout the shoulder. To help you avoid future shoulder tension and pain, we’ve come up with this list of our top three tips:

Sit up straight: You never knew all that nagging from your mom would come to fruition in your older age. As we become more of a sedentary society – especially at work – it’s easy to melt into your work chair and think nothing of it. However, simple details like keeping your feet flat on the ground and elbows close to your body will help keep your spine aligned and your shoulders pretty happy with you.

Change things up: Whether it’s your routine or the organization of your desk, challenge yourself – and your body – by moving things around a bit. If your mouse has always been on the right side of your computer, try moving it to the left. Instead of returning phone calls or making copies for a full hour, try spreading out monotonous tasks throughout the day. This will constantly change which muscle groups are active in your body and will offer your shoulders the variety and relief they need.

Take regular breaks and walks: Anything from 30-second “microbreaks” to a 10 minute walk over your lunch can help break up your constant work screen time and help relieve building stress and tension in your shoulders. Use this time to shake out your arms and hands, or refocus your head and neck by focusing on an object at least 20 feet away from you. Need an excuse to get away for this small break? Keep a refillable water bottle at your desk, and set a goal of refilling it at least two times a day.

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