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Exercise Tips Oct10th 2021

Looking to Add More Exercise Into Your Life? These 7 Tips Can Help

Get Moving Today! The longer you deal with chronic pain, the more you begin to feel that the pain will never go away. Once you begin to accept a particular pain as part of your life, it becomes more and more difficult to see the pain as something you can handle and treat. Instead, many

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Arthritis Pain Relief Sep20th 2021

If You Have Arthritis, You’re Not Alone

Physical Therapy Can Help You Find the Relief You’ve Been Looking For According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost a quarter of all American adults are living with arthritis! This means that every day, over 54 million people live with stiff, achy, swollen, and sore joints. If you or a loved

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Living with Chronic Pain? PT Can Help You Get Back to Your Life Sep10th 2021

Living with Chronic Pain? PT Can Help You Get Back to Your Life

Life Life Comfortably Once Again with Physical Therapy When you have chronic back pain, you may feel that every aspect of your life is interrupted. Pain at work can lead to reduced productivity, sick days, and increased stress. Pain at home can prevent you from being able to take care of yourself and your loved

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